Brasil Photo Diary


1,9,18,27/ Christo Redemptor  2,3,4,23/ Flying in to Rio  5,36/ Views over Belo Horizonte  6,22,24/ View over Ipanema from Fasano’s rooftop pool  7/ Palm trees along Ipanema Beach  8,17/ Ipanema  10/ Pampulha  11,12,16,25/ Fasano Hotel rooftop  13,14/ Trying Acai for the first time with beautiful Maria  15,35/ Shooting at Praca do Papa  19,31,32/ Views from Sugarloaf  20,29/ Sugarloaf mountain  21/ Cable car up to Sugarloaf  26/ With Chiara & Luiza Barcelos at Christo Redemptor  28,33/ Incredible views over Rio from Christo Redemptor  30/ Brief city tour of Sao Paulo from Vogue Brasil’s car  34/ Copacabana Beach  37/ Sunset at Christo Redemptor

My visit to Brazil was short, but so sweet. The trip was very different to my usual mode of travel as I usually take days wandering alleyways by myself to soak in the feel of the streets and people, to this whirlwind collaboration adventure with the Luiza Barcelos team. When asked about my time in Brasil I explain it was a romantic love affair, I developed such a taste for it in the extremely busy, short time and now have an obsession with the thought of returning and discovering every single corner of it. And hopefully one day the rest of South America too!

Here are a quick few tips from my time there- but if my readers have any tips for me then I would absolutely love to hear them. With this brief encounter I am hoping the more I learn for next time, the closer I am to going again. Make sure you take the train to visit the Christo Redemptor to watch the entire sunset. Get the helicopter ride over Rio de Janeiro, it was one of the best things I’ve ever experienced in my life. See the view over Belo Horizonte from Praca do Papa in Belo Horizonte. Eat acai as often as you can. Jump in Fasano’s rooftop pool overlooking Ipanema. Take the cable car up Sugar Loaf in Rio. Pick a section of Sao Paulo to wander the busy streets. Make sure you get a window seat flying in to Sao Paulo, I never anticipated the sheer size of the city  and the airport is in the middle of the city which nearly gave me a heart attack during a second attempt at landing what felt like in between the buildings.

Photos by me

  • Belen Sanchez

    Because of you, I can’t stop thinking about visiting Brazil now! The pictures are pretty amazing! Have a great day.

    • jessicastein

      If only these photos could capture how incredible it really is! So glad you’re considering Brasil. I couldn’t recommend it any higher! X

  • Fashion crazy ball

     So wonderful and beutiful pics!!!



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  • kim

    Your photos are incredible! I’m going to Rio De Janerio in 3 weeks. Thanks for your tips and inspiration! xxx

    • jessicastein

      I am so jealous of you! How long are you going for? Please let me know how your trip was after, and if you recommend anything else 🙂 X

  • Marcela Lorenzetti

    Visit Paulista here in Sao Paulo next time 😉

    • jessicastein

      Hi Marcela, Thanks for letting me know about Paulista! Hoping to see a lot more if I get the chance to return. X

  • Nelya Zlamanyuk

    It all looks so beautiful and I want to go ASAP. It’s snowing here (new york s). xNel

  • Nelya Zlamanyuk

    It all looks so beautiful and it makes me want to go there ASAP. It’s snowing here (New York S). xNel

  • rhodawong

    i love your photos! and great outfits during this trip!

  • Areyougonnabemygirlblog
  • Stamina

    Your trips are so inspirational!!

  • Simona

    Just woooooooooooooooooooooow!:)

  • Awesome!


  • These pictures are fantastic! I really wanna go to Brasil now!

  • Eilish

    wow, Brazil looks absolutely stunning! After seeing your photos here and on instagram Brazil is definitely going on my list of places to see before I die. Beautiful photos!

  • Rania Whtiford

    Breathtaking & in awe of your pictures. I’m hoping to visit the beautiful country in 2013, I’ll keep those tips close!

  • karolina wiecek

    Your live seems to be perfect and you are soo beautiful !

  • Jessica Silva

    It looks you had GREAT fun! Did you learn any portuguese word? 😛 Great shots <3

  • Great photos! 🙂
    I have a GIVEAWAY in my blog if you like to check it out! :)

  • These photos are stunning! I love your colorful balloon shots and that denim top with the white skirt in one of the shots! This makes me want to go to Brazil so much:)

  • awesome!

  • Olivia Wells

    You look stunning in the blue floral skirt, and Rio looks like an amazing place.

    xx from Hong KongOlivia

  • Yuka

    it’s one of the places that everyone should visit at least once before they die! haha

  • Zu Zuoliveira

    Vc  é muito bacana!!   Bjsssssss  ZULEINE- RIO BRANCO ACRE BRASIL

  • Anna Safronova

    Great traveling tips! I’ll keep them in mind! thank you!

  • Sophienightingale

    These photos are stunning, made me really want to visit! It looks so picturesque, you’re so lucky 🙂 ox

  • Ruth

    Oh my god! Your photos are AMAZING! You could make a  exhibition! I am amazed… Damn how much I need a new camera…!

    • jessicastein

      Aw thank you so much Ruth!! It means a lot to me getting positive comments like this as I’m slowly building my confidence with my own photography! I think it is more about getting to know your camera, taking your time and having a shot in mind. Thank you again! Jess x

  • marsku

    AMAZING pictures!! WOW!


  • wow this looks like so much fun!

  • Great pictures!! You are so lucky!!!

    -xoxo- lorena

  • Lucia Yin

    You must have had a great time, it looks amazing!

  • Sarah E

    looks like such a stunning, beautiful vacation! i’ve always wanted to travel to brazil. if i ever do i’ll use your tips!


  • maria

    beautiful photos!! Where did you get the white dress, you looks fabulous!

  • Kimiya C

    Looks like so much fun!

  • hrisanthis

    Love love looove your photos! I wish to visit this city someday also!!! 

  • Mia@Razzle Dazzle Rose

    The pics are amazing, you really captured the colors and the vibe of Brazil 🙂

  • Photos are lovely, looks like you had an incredible adventure! I haven’t been to Sth America yet, so jealous 🙂

  • Brasil, my house, my love! Rio de Janeiro <3

  • Brazil looks amazing! beautiful photographs

  • hahaha love the first picture! and that white romper is so sweet =]

  • Natalie

    beautiful scenery! you look gorgeous

  • I AM IN LOVE with that picture of the lovely sky/clouds! XX

  • Luisa M

    Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer <3 I'm all about St Tropez at the moment…

  • Mar Mesa

    Really amazing pictures like always!! Kisses


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  • Luxefashionista

    It looks amaziiiiiiing, I wanna go there too !!!  love these pics

  • Guauuu, unas fotos increíbles!:)

  • Stanislava Encheva

    Wow, amazing place and wonderful pictures! Wish I could go there! 

    Sun and Sany

  • Danielle Hamilton

    Oh now you made me more homesick than EVER =}
    So proud to call Brasil my birthplace and so grateful I get to experience a little bit of it every now and then when we visit my family.
    Your photos do utter justice to the beauty of each place you’ve been.

  • Ariadni

    Seriously you must be the luckiest person alive! So jealous!!!

  • Thesistersinthecity

    WOW these pictures are so amazing!  Looks like you are having a blast in Brazil.  Absolutely beautiful! 


  • Skinnyluv

    Gosh! I absolutely loooooove all of your pictures.. And you are extremely beautiful as well 🙂

  • patricia

    great photos, you look gorgeous! 🙂
    kisses pretty

  • makitumba santos

    I´m very overwhelmed about this photo diary. Your pictures are breathtaking and you are such an inspiration for me, really! I almost can feel your personality in your photos. Your happiness and the way you see life are so beautiful and I wish someday I could meet one of my favorite bloguers!Anyway, thanks so much for sharing with us a piece of your life!

  • Nicole Brunken

    lovely pics! i love your style! you are soo beautiful. <3

  • Simona

    Amazing pictures oh my! Incredible! Love your lifestyle 🙂


  • Reginacalabria

    I loved to met you in Belo Horizonte. You are so beautiful  and happy like a sunny day. I hope you had fun and come back often. These pictures and your brazilllian looks are amazing . A big kiss for you. Regina from BRAZIL

  • mehlaqa

    Your posts are so inspirational and they always give me wanderlust

  • InBrazil

    These are only pictures of Rio de Janeiro. Where is the rest of Brazil? I live here in Sao Paulo, which is totally different. The problem of showing picture just of Rio is that it doesn’t represent the whole country and it gives people who have never been to Brazil that the whole country is like that! 

  • Gabi RJ

    I’m very happy you enjoyed our country, your pics shows excatly how wonderfull my city – Rio de Janeiro – is. And I’m happy to see that you make people see how amazing is Rio despite all the problems.
    Hope see you around again soon. And next time, you should visit Santa Teresa. Is one of the most charming and confortable neighborhoods in the world, and, in addition, you can see the whole city from up there.

  • So proud to see my city on your blog! Rio is a wonderful place, isn’t it? I was born and raised here and i can’t stop loving it!!  Next time you should spend more days  here 🙂

  • Awesome, all these pictures of Brazil’s attraction are really great to see. Although, all these places are good but the Christ the Redeemer is one I liked the most and want to visit very soon.

  • Alma

    love this so much <3

  • Kblossoms

    Beautiful pics of Brazil

  • Aubry

    These photos are amazing!! I absolutely love Brazil!! My boyfriend is Brazilian and I visited his country for the first time 2 years ago. I’m going back this Christmas and I cannot wait! We stayed in an amazing glass house above the beach and ocean in Ubatuba! The view was stunning! Saudades Brasil!!!

    Aubry |

  • Avena

    I wanna go over there to discover Brazil

  • cachemire

    Rio is so majestic. I love this city.