Beautiful Horizon

Wearing: Asos skirt (worn backwards), Maurie & Eve top, Luiza Barcelos heels, Michael Kors watch, Gorjana bracelets, Jacquie Aiche rings.

I cannot believe I have already been in Brazil for an entire week. My first day after flying in to Belo Horizonte I went straight to the factory and showroom of Luiza Barcelos, meeting the entire team which is more like a huge, welcoming family. To celebrate my first time in South America, Brazil and being here with the Luiza Barcelos team they organised these balloons to accompany my first time viewing the entire city of Belo Horizonte from Praca do Papa.

Switching from New Yorks fall to the heat of Brazil meant straight to skirt and sandals. When I was growing up I refused to wear anything but a “twirly skirt”. I was the child that would dress up and dance around the grocery aisles, at the restuarant, soccer field etc. I wear pants more these days for comfort and practicality of travelling but putting on a skirt like this again I immediately switch in to my prancing, twirling skirt mode.

Since I’ve arrived I think everyone was a little worried I wasn’t enjoying myself, but I think it is the exhaustion that is hampering me being able to grin as hard for how happy and appreciative I am to be here. Everyone I have met here in Brazil has been overwhelmingly hospitable and humble. Every moment has been surreal, and cannot wait to share everything more as soon as I get some time, and perhaps some sleep…

Photos by Luiza Ferraz