Wearing: Oscar de la Renta dress, clutch and heels.

When my dear friend James asked if I would like to shoot in Central Park, I thought he was joking. When he mentioned Oscar de la Renta, I squeeled. These photos are from a beautiful summer morning just before I flew out of New York last month. After being so exhausted from travelling and FW it was just the motivation I needed to actually wake up before sunrise, and spent the early hours wandering fairytale Central Park in this fairytale dress before the rest of New York woke up. I spent my entire childhood dancing and hours each day en pointe, so even though this isn’t my signature style to wear these days it felt so comfortable wearing such a tutu-esque masterpiece.

Photos by James Nord hair by Richard Kavanagh

  • Brooke

    so beautifully whimsical!

  • Hanka

    If Cinderella saw these photos she would be probably jealous as hell! 😀 Beautiful!

  • Gillian Victoria

    I am desperate to find this dress. It is July 2014, and I understand the dress is from Oscar de la Renta’s Fall 2012 line of clothes. Might you know the style number or the name of this particular dress? My daughter wants to wear this for her Bat Mitzvah this November, 2014. Many thanks in advance for your reply!!! ~ Gillian