Happy Everyday

Wearing: Maurie and Eve skirt, Zara top and boots, Gorjana bracelet and rings, Athens market ring.

I’ve written briefly before how travelling for long periods of time can take its toll in certain ways. One of the biggest things I’ve hit a wall with the last few weeks has been homesickness. Everything can go smoothly based on adrenaline and adventure but when it hits, it can hit very hard. With my birthday creeping up lately it made me wonder what it is about a specific day of the year that you wish for nothing else than to be surrounded by those you love most. I believe the most important thing is to not concentrate on a single day but rather to enjoy every single day. Unfortunately apart from the Skype date I cannot wait for when it is both my birthday in Australia and here in Europe- I don’t get to spend it with my family and my close friends at home just yet, but enjoy a happy moment to cheers to myself, new found friends and adventures.

I’m dedicating this post to my incredible parents and siblings who without their support I would have crumbled and flew home in tears many times by now. Although I’m aware of how much they want me home, they try to understand how much I love travelling, experiencing and living every day. Mum, Dad, Elle and Jay, crack open the bottle of red from my birth year that I sent you home from Tuscany years ago tonight. I love and miss you all, every day. X

Photos by Nicole Warne

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