Wearing: Maurie & Eve top, Vintage pants and clutch, Asos heels, Michael Kors watch, Gorjana necklace and bracelet, Jacquie Aiche rings.

This couldn’t be a better example of how I like to dress- wearing staple favourites with statement pieces. I had happily flooded my wardrobe back home with peplums of every colour and fabric, but it wasn’t until finding this sheer black little number by Maurie & Eve that I stopped collecting them and actually settled for the one perfect for everything to accompany my travels. I’ve worn it countless times day and night during different seasons and can guarantee it will be an outfit repeater in the months to come, take this as a warning.

Matched with these green wide legged vintage pants. To be honest, in real life I find them offensively green. And I like it. I thoroughly dislike the colour green, especially in clothing, but thats what kind of makes me like them even more. I spotted this extraordinarily wide legged, high waist pair while running through Absolute Vintage on Hanbury Street in London (right where I used to live!) 5 minutes before closing time. I loved them and hated them at the same time, and had to send Nicole a photo for immediate advice. I guess thats the amazing thing about vintage, is that it pushes you to wear something you otherwise wouldn’t go looking for. I definitely have never had the thought “I NEED high waisted, wide legged frog pants”. But now I do. And for just £10. I also picked up this dark green clutch from a sweet little vintage store called Vintage Emde in Cologne, Germany.

Photos by James Nord

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