Carry On

Recently I have been inundated with the same question that has randomly popped up since I left for Europe months ago- what is in my handbag? It might seem silly, like lipgloss and my wallet. But each of these pieces have either been collected along the way or are what I highly recommend for helping you travel. These are the things my bag is stocked with every single day, all floating around loosely in my signature ‘Messica’ style. I also noticed a few things I forgot- Bio Oil, tea and honey and several pens & sim cards. If you plan to travel remember to only take with you what you are prepared to lose or have stolen- they might make your trip more comfortable but at the end of the day are just things and coming home safely with happy memories matters more.

1/ Proenza Schouler handbag. If you know me personally you’ll know this is my “child”, having been kidnapped and finally returned. It always surprises me just how much I can fit inside it, and how it will go with absolutely anything I ever wear.
2/ Karen Walker sunglasses. I sold several pairs of my Karen Walker sunglasses before I left for overseas, mainly because of space but you honestly only really need two pairs. One tortoiseshell, and my black Celine’s.
3/ Diaries. These two travel diaries are perhaps my favourite belongings, titled “Travels and Experiences” and “New York, London, Milan, Paris“. I adore writing and these hold everything about my travels and experiences, and plans for what is to come.
4/ Headphones. These noise cancelling headphones are the result of a last minute ‘use all the Danish Krone’s I have left’ at Copenhagen airport. They are one of the best things any traveller could invest in, from drastically improving long haul flights, to having company of music when travelling solo, or simply having a background soundtrack to accompany all of the amazing sights.
5/  Loose change. I have too many currencies floating around the bottom of my bag that instead of sorting it out, I just add to it. My frame of mind is half hoping I’ll find a reason to run back to whichever country the coin belongs to before I have to store it in a piggy bank back home.
6/ Loose jewellery. I wear fine jewellery and the same watch all of the time, collecting new or vintage but also losing it way too regularly. I find I loose track of it in my luggage bag so I just keep everything in a pocket of my bag now and pull out what I can find to wear of a morning.
7/ Flowerbomb Perfume. I used to carry around a large bottle of perfume but thanks to Sara finally convincing me, I feel like an idiot for not having this tiny, and adorable travel sized perfume earlier. Perfect for when I get off a plane and don’t have access to my suitcase for a few hours.
8/ Alexander Wang Wallet & Passport holder. This wallet really is the best of both worlds. I don’t keep my passport in here all the time (lock it inside luggage wherever I’m staying) but on travel days and whenever you need it on you it is perfect to have such a great home for it.
9/ Lucas PaPaw ointment. My Australian readers from home do not need me to explain this any further. To everyone else; it is the best thing you will ever do for your lips, especially during flights and season changes.
10/ Lumia. This phone has not only my entire photo gallery from the last few months of my travels, but the playlists that Zanita made me before she left for home. I have a specific “Happy Travels” playlist that I listen to while on trains, at airports, flying etc, and I’m always the nutcase crying with a huge smile on my face.
11/ Fisheye Lomo & film. I first became addicted to Lomo’s years ago on my first European trip, and despite it being a bit pricey to develop the film and carry it around everywhere, every single shot has been worth it. When I don’t want to take a big camera out, or perhaps just a more sentimental moment with friends or a sunset, this has been my memory maker.


  • Monica

    Can you do more posts like these? More travel tips!