Wearing: Dolce & Gabbana dress, Mnologie clutch (borrowed from Nicole), Zara boots, Vintage and Gorjana rings.

Unfortunately I spent the majority of Milan recovering in bed from what I can only explain as travel exhaustion. Months of travelling, eating badly/irregularly and sleep deprivation had finally caught up with me and all I could manage to do was prioritise sleeping, eating healthily and skyping home. I immediately started feeling better the moment I stepped back in to Italy, and can’t explain how much better I am after a few days not moving around.

Probably one of the reasons I get so overwhelmed while travelling is because I can’t seem to do things “half assed”- I have to make the most of everything and go all out. While shooting these photos which I chose a piece from Dolce & Gabbana for their SS13 show, I ended up climbing statues and mounting lions. Maybe it was the cheeky assortment of turtles, puppies and rabbits among the tapestry of my dress that inspired the climb; but it is yet another moment while watching the centre of Milan from the monument’s outlook that I catch myself thinking… “how did I get here?!”

Photos by Nicole Warne

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    amazing photos!! wow!

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    amazing dress <3

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    You look gorgeous. I hope you feel better!

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    Amazing photos, and I love your dress!

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    Nice photos and you look gorgeous!

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    OMG, this dress is a masterpiece! You look fabulous!

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    Such a gorgeous dress, you look beautiful!

    Keep calm and carry lipstick.

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    That dress is absolutely stunning and you wear it so well!


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    Hope you feel better soon. You look fabulous in D&G darling. x
    Suzi x
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    nice mix with those boots.

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    this is my favorite outfit! looks so pretty!


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    you look so stunning! great shots too. <3

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    Incredibly chic!

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    great outfit. the last photo is fab

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    What an inspiring dress!! You’re wearing it so well, gorgeous outfit!


    fantastic photos. and that dress is so cool

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    perfection! like those pics!


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    I loke your dress, its’s love :) so beautiful. Kisses from Spain

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    these pics are awesome…congrats! I love that dress especially for the dog print :)



    Been there, but gosh you’re pretty!

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    I love the dress… Dolce & Gabbana is perfection! You look great :)

    xo Carli from

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    These photo’s are GREAT!!!! Nicole is bound to become the next TOMMY TON. Loved how you teamed up those zara boots with a such a femmine D&G dress.

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    Absolutely beautiful photos! That Dolce & Gabbana dress is amazing.

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    gorgeous pictures! I love the details in this dress and how you styled it xx




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    I love the bulldog on your dress! so cute x

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    Gorgeous pictures and you look stunning! :)

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    Amazing dress!

    And great pictures :)


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    absolutely in love with the scenery, it provides such stunning photos. not to mention your dress print is adorable! and we all need a moment to reflect on our lives! glad youre feeling better


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    This dress…seriously WOW!

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    this dress has such a beautiful look amazing in it!

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    What an amazing dress and the setting is perfect!!

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    So gorgeous! It’s no wonder that you’re there!!

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    love the shots and the dress – hope you feel better soon
    I have just been in Egypt for a week long holiday and came home with a terrible cold – isn’t travel meant to be relaxing and refreshing?!

    ♥ ThankFifi


    that outfit is to die for!!!


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    Wow this shoot is incredible! I love this look, you seriously rock that dress!

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    NIce dress :)


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    Awwww baby girl, you’ll be so excited to be back home. I’m glad you rested and got back into the groove of things. Skyping home always makes me feel better when I’m homesick!!

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    OH MY GOD the dress looks amazing on you.

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    Exquisite dress, love the clutch too, and what a stunning backdrop!

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    I am loving the dress on you!

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    Wow you lookk amazing! what a unique dress

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    Great dress. Shoes as well! I hope you’re feeling better already :).


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