Wearing: Dolce & Gabbana dress, Mnologie clutchย (borrowed from Nicole), Zara boots, Vintage and Gorjana rings.

Unfortunately I spent the majority of Milan recovering in bed from what I can only explain as travel exhaustion. Months of travelling, eating badly/irregularly and sleep deprivation had finally caught up with me and all I could manage to do was prioritise sleeping, eating healthily and skyping home. I immediately started feeling better the moment I stepped back in to Italy, and can’t explain how much better I am after a few days not moving around.

Probably one of the reasons I get so overwhelmed while travelling is because I can’t seem to do things “half assed”- I have to make the most of everything and go all out. While shooting these photos which I chose a piece from Dolce & Gabbana for their SS13 show, I ended up climbing statues and mounting lions. Maybe it was the cheeky assortment of turtles, puppies and rabbits among the tapestry of my dress that inspired the climb; but it is yet another moment while watching the centre of Milan from the monument’s outlook that I catch myself thinking… “how did I get here?!”

Photos by Nicole Warne