Hello NYC


1/ Love in Times Square  2/ Top of the Rock  3/ Happy in Times Square  4/ Bike riding with Nicole in Central Park  5/ Cheesy over Central Park  6/ Downtown views on the ferry from Brooklyn  7,19/ Empire State Building from TOTR  8/ Lumia snapshots  9, 18/ Ferry wind from Brooklyn  10/ Being dared (thanks Nicole!) to (look like) only wearing a NYC map  11/ Central Park views from TOTR 12/ Nicole and I in Times Square  13/ A Saturday night wedding in Times Square  14/ Williamsburg Bridge and Midtown from the ferry  15, 16 & 17/ Brooklyn Flea Markets at Williamsburg  20/ Happijess

Wearing: 1/ Ksubi shorts, Madewell hat, Zara t shirt, bag & boots, Michael Kors watch, Gorjana rings. 2/ Isabel Marant top, Ksubi shorts, Zara boots and bag, Michael Kors watch, Vintage and Jacquie Aiche rings.


Hello New York City! I can’t explain how good it feels to be back here. After months of travelling and having contradicting feelings of somewhere between on edge and excitement in Europe, to being so welcomely dwarfed and overcrowded here pretending it is my second home. I’m here for a fortnight altogether for not only enjoying every sight seeing moment in the city but also NYFW, and can’t wait to share it all here on the blog and through the eyes of the Nokia Lumia 900 I’m trialling. The comfort might also be thanks to seeing so many familiar faces from home- my stupidly talented friend Tom who is helping me with photos and  Nicole, Sara and Marg are all my apartment roomies and also here for NYFW.

First few days back have been spent adjusting from Europe time and trying to figure out my wardrobe situation (laundromat that has decided to be closed since the day I handed over everything I own). Sight seeing from Top of the Rock, Time Square and the views from the ferry from Brooklyn Flea Markets. Does Barney’s new shoe floor count as sightseeing too? Two weeks here will not be anywhere near long enough.

All photos by Thomas StockwellThe CleverKids

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