European Summer Instagram Diary


1/ Shooting on Milan’s Duomo rooftop  2/ Flying over the French Riviera  3, 35/ Wandering in Stockholm  4/ Short stopover shopping in London  5/ Train to Berlin  6, 73/ My favourite spot in Gamla Stan, Stockholm  7/ View from inside my room at Ikies, Santorini  8/ Sore feet from stones on Nice’s main beach  9/ My small travel collection of jewellery (Michael Kors watch, Gorjana cuffs and rings, Jacquie Aiche ring)  10/ Canals views on Singel  11/ Drinks with Dolce & Gabbana at MFW  12/ Vintage Berlin maps at Mauerpark Flohmarkt  13/ Sunset over Stockholm  14/ Bike riding through Copenhagen  15/ With Zanita in Amsterdam  16/ World’s best view for relaxing  17/ Picnics in Copenhagen  18/ ‘Jessica’ bracelet handmade in Berlin  19/ My future house in Amsterdam  20/ My future house in Oia  21/ Drinks with Marta overlooking Nice’s Old Town  22/ Celebrating the end of our summer travels with Zanita overlooking Stockholm from Rica  23/ First day of CFW  24/ Afternoon rose’  25/ Alexanderplatz views  26/ Views over Oia  27/ At ASOS HQ in London  28/ Gold and silver dipped Olive leaf rings in Athens  29/ Dusk over Gamla Stan in Stockholm  30/ Stockholm Parliament  31/ Favourite beach on the Riviera  32/ Iamsterdam!  33/ Beach and beers in Antibes  34/ At Acne HQ in Stockholm  36/ Dolce & Gabbana Mens MFW  37/ Drinks in Amsterdam with Zanita, Andy and Tash  38/ Playing tourist in Stockholm  39/ And again in Copenhagen  40/ Contemplated stealing this perfect mint bike  41/ Vintage shopping at Beyond Retro in Stockholm  42/ Words to live by  43/ Gamla Stan  44/ Landing in Denmark  45/ With Zanita at CFW  46/ My happy place  47/ Vintage shopping in Berlin  48/ Lunch on the canals  49/ Almost too pretty to eat during a London ‘heat wave’  50/ Wild strawberries with a view  51/ The best work station EVER  52/ Matching fruit to playsuits  53/ Poolside wear (Zimmermann bikini, vintage top, IM Etoile skirt, Celine sunglasses)  54/ Jumping in front of Milan’s Duomo  55/ After party at Dolce & Gabbana MFW  56/ Vintage shopping at Epsiode Vintage in Amsterdam  57, 63/ Nice’s main beach  58/ Zimmermann bikini collection  59/ Poolside necessities (Miu Miu sunglasses, Fisheye Lomo camera, Michael Kors watch)  60/ Greek Isles bound sunset from the ferry  61/ Antibes  62/ Sunset over Oia  64/ Finalist for Cosmopolitan’s FFF  65/ Seeing the boys at Bloglovin’ HQ in Stockholm  66/ Ice cold Frappes and Miu Miu’s in Oia  67/ With Marta at Paloma Beach  68/ Favourite time of day  69/ Best gelato in Nice  70/ Nice’s Notre Dame  71/ Paloma Beach views  72/ Outfit post sneak peek from Rica in Stockholm  74/ Shot by Stockholm Streetstyle at CFW  75/ Photoboots with Zanita in Berlin  76/ Sneaky champagne at Rica  77/ Antibes with Marta  78/ Raspberry cocktails at Paloma Beach  79/ Next adventure…

Unfortunately I don’t have a complete history of my Instagram’s from my European summer trip due to my iPhone being stolen in Paris, but I wanted to share some of my personal favourites. It has been an absolute whirlwind and I can’t wait to show you a video diary I’m currently working on to give you more of an insight! There has been so many amazing moments on this trip with not only the places I’ve been but the people I’ve shared it all with. I was sad to be leaving Europe knowing the chapter of summer adventures were over- but as soon as I landed here I have the all too familiar feeling of knowing why I keep moving forward. Hello NYC!

I also want to say an enormous thank you to everyone who follows me on Instagram– there is no way I ever imagined passing 200,000+ followers. It has meant a lot to me being able to instantly share some of the incredible things I’ve been blessed enough to experience over the last several weeks… much more to come!