Details: 1/ J Brand knit, Gorjana anchor bracelet, thin ring and two tone thin rings, Jacquie Aiche diamond waif ring, heart ring from small boutique in Paris, olive leaf ring from small shop in Athens.  2/ J Brand top, Ksubi shorts, Michael Kors sport watch, Gorjana necklace around wrist, cross cuff and rings, olive leaf and heart ring.  3/ Michael Kors sport watch, Gorjana thin cuffs and rings, heart ring from Paris.  4/ J Brand knit, By Zoe skirt, Gorjana bracelet and rings, Jacquie Aiche ring.  5/ Isabel Marant knit, ‘Jessica’ bracelet hand made in Berlin Meaurpark Flohmarkt, Gorjana anchor bracelet, olive leaf ring from Athens, heart ring from Paris.  6/ J Brand denim jacket, Zara top, Zimmermann skirt, Michael Kors sport watch, Gorjana bracelet.  7/ J Brand denim jacket, Michael Kors sport watch and Gorjana bracelet.  8&9/ Isabel Marant knit, Lover lace shorts, ‘Jessica’ bracelet from Berlin, Gorjana bracelet and rings, olive leaf ring from Athens.

It has been raining and storming on and off the last week we have been in Amsterdam, and although it could not suit my current frame of mind more it does make it hard to go outside, explore or shoot. When you’re with someone like Zanita, who instead of finding it an excuse to unwind like me, it only makes her creative mind work harder. During a lazy afternoon sun shower she was fascinated by light pouring in to our apartment and before I knew it we had put together this little ‘piece of work’. Featuring black and white detail shots like my small but delicate jewellery collection, and all the summery clothes I have carried around Europe but haven’t actually worn- only to be posting them all home any day now to make room for boots as we head north before New York at the end of the month. This means time with Zanita is also escaping, and I’m going to miss her transforming my lazy afternoon into stills that I’ll always reflect on; that relaxed and absurdly content point of my life spent on the other side of the world.

Photos by Zanita