Greece Photo Diary


1,18,20,27,28,31, 36, 40/ Sunset view over Oia from Ikies  2/ View to the Acropolis in Athens  3/ Sunset from the back of Athens – Naxos ferry  4,5,6,12,16, / Ikies view from my terrace  7/ Bougainvillea brightening Oia  8,23/ Mint details in Oia  9,22,29/ Caldera views on the path from Ikies in to town  10,26,37, 41/ Oia cliff views  11/ My future house  13/ Drool worthy lentil salad room service  14/ Sunset in Asos dress & Sam Edelman sandals  15/ Second bedroom hideaway  17/Oia’s main church in the town centre  19/ Amazing breakfast with an even more incredible view  21/ Caldera view from Oia cliff view  24/ Santorini souvenirs  25/ Paths through Oia  30/ Run down mini markets with billion dollar views  32/ Snapshot in Zara & IM Etoile before bars in Thira  33/ The most perfect seat in the world  34/ Actual view from inside my room at Ikies  35/ Oia old church and bougainvillea street settings  38/ Art for sale in town  39/ Before this butterfly deciding to land in my hair a while  42/  Looking back at Ikies  43/ The most beautiful sunset and moon rise in the world.


Poet Cesare Pavese’s words “Traveling is a brutality. It forces you to trust strangers and to lose sight of all that familiar comfort of home and friends. You are constantly off balance. Nothing is yours except the essential things – air, sleep, dreams, the sea, the sky – all things tending towards the eternal or what we imagine of it” follow me closely while I travel. There are numerous intense non stop weeks, and then times when just a few days full of such incredible moments can feel like months. When I’m visiting a city or country, a lot of the time I feel that within just that short space of time it has instantly become my new way of life, that I feel connected and want to stay adapting and learning there, instead of getting on the next flight. While I was only in Santorini for less than four days, it felt like the month vacation I mentally and physically needed.

While on the island I found all the air, sun, sea and dreaming I needed nestled on my corner of the earth; Oia. Wandering the side alleyways (tourist overload on the main paths), catching butterflies in my hand, watching the sun set every evening. I’m hoping the overload of photos can explain what I can’t put in to words.

A lot of this relaxing and recharging was thanks to where I stayed- Ikies. It wasn’t only the incredible apartment that I used as a hideaway to close out the world and unwind, or the enormous private terrace which I would actually pinch myself over the view. But the staff at Ikies made me feel so incredibly welcome going out of their way at every chance, and made me feel as if I wasn’t there on my own at all. I don’t usually mention where I stay while travelling, but after having so many people inquiring I thought I would share that this is definitely the best accommodation I think I’ll ever be lucky enough to experience. If you pass through here, please say Yassou to the staff from me!

I was continously joking that I was on a “honeymoon for one”. Sometimes people ask if it upsets me that I’m not sharing these experiences with a someone- but they couldn’t be more wrong. I think it is important to be able to experience the world with your own company, and I’m incredibly lucky to enjoy treasuring these moments all to myself.

All photos by me.

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