Wearing: J Brand jacket, Zara playsuit and boots, Celine sunglasses, Gorjana cuff and rings, Jacquie Aiche ring.

When first renting this bike I couldn’t believe I’d never rode a bike around anywhere in Europe before. It made such a drastic difference to seeing the sights and pretending we were locals (very uncoordinated not being used to the other side of the road). Zanita and I spent the day riding through Copenhagen and Christiania taking in the beautiful weather, ridiculously attractive people and the deep burn that comes from suddenly exerting my lazy self too hard too soon. I bought this playsuit literally the first day I arrived in Italy thinking I would get non stop wear out of it- only to carry it around this entire time at the bottom of my luggage seemingly waiting for this bike moment. I didn’t spend nearly as much time in a hotter climate than I had anticipated on this trip to wear half the things I’ve lugged around, but I definitely appreciate and prefer the change of plan even more.

Photos by Zanita