Wearing: Lover dress, Alexander Wang heels, Gorjana and Jacquie Aiche rings.

This is the final in the three part series that Zanita and I shot in different locations in Italy wearing the flawless, signature Lover lace. There is something truly surreal about shooting on top of Milan’s Duomo first thing on a Sunday morning. From the childish grins on our faces and high fiving between shots in disbelief, the true enormity of how lucky we were to be shooting there sunk in when Sunday morning church started in the cathedral below as the voices and organs bellowed up to us shooting amongst the gothic spiked rooftop. It was impossible to get the scale of both beauty and grandeur within a shot, if you ever have a chance to go there you will know no words or photos are sufficient.

It is Zanita and I’s final night together here in Europe as I head south, so i thought I would post this as a reflection of the crazily amazing fun and work we have collaborated on together on our trip so far. From something seemingly simple like outfit posts to these series, none of them would appear on my blog if it weren’t for her. We have a running joke that she is my ‘blogger photographer boyfriend”, from tomorrow I resort back to awkward selfies or asking strangers to take my photo… Thank you so much for the last month Z!

Photos by Zanita