Amsterdam Photo Diary


1, 7, 9 & 12/ Tourist shots on Singel (wearing vintage top, J Brand jeans, Zara bag & Topshop sandals)  2/ Tourist shot at IAMsterdam (outfit details here)  3/ My daily view across the canal  4/ Tourist shots once again (wearing Isabel Marant Etoile dress, Bettina Liano jacket, Topshop sandals  5/ Sunset view from my apartment  8/ Bike mania  10/ My future Amsterdam apartment  11/ Being a public nuisance with Zanita

Looking back at photos I took while in Amsterdam makes me think that from someone elses perspective it would seem I was purposely taking as many of the same photo I could get away with… I promise this was not on purpose. There isn’t much more typically ‘Amsterdam’ than taking photo after photo on bridges over looking canals. It just doesn’t help that I get so awkward/happy in photos I automatically raise my hands, but I assume everyone is used to that by now!

As I’ve mentioned earlier Amsterdam was so relaxing and overall happy times, that I’m so excited to be going back this week after a short stint in London. I guess Zanita and I are using it as a ‘home base’ for our trips and it really does feel like a home away from home. I got to do a little vintage shopping at Episode and Laura Dols while wandering one afternoon, where I bought a few things that I’ll do outfit posts with shortly but unfortunately was told off for trying to take any photos (besides this super sneaky IG photo…). It really is such a shame it keeps happening as I would love to document and share these places with you- and I hope readers understand vintage stores don’t always feel the same way (language barriers don’t help). If you happen to know of a good vintage store in Amsterdam or elsewhere, that would be open to it then please comment and let me know. Can’t wait to see you again so soon, A town!

Photos by myself & Zanita