New York Video Diary

Someone close to me once said that “to life, fashion is the cherry on top”. I completely agree, but the past few months have been so amazing that every single thing is the cherry on top. The first and foremost reason I started blogging was to document my travels, with fashion adapting along the line. The reason I love to travel and have this blog at all is that it is fuel to my ‘weakness’ of wandering. I thrive on new experiences, pushing myself and discovering parts of the world and often myself, that I never considered to exist beforehand. I’m not entirely certain as to why I love New York as much as I do, maybe because there is so much to do and make the most of every day; but I feel like that is where I actually live and now I’m in Sydney homesick for it.

This is a little sneak peek of my time in New York for my readers, and my family whom have never been. Wandering the Highline, shopping on Broadway, coffee at Saturday’s, flashing at the Top of the Rock and of course some of NYFW. It was often too cold to take footage, forgetting my camera battery on several occasions (mainly over FW) or just knowing that some moments are best kept in your own memories. Also, I don’t know why I raise my arms all the time; I just put it down trying to spread some happy.

Song “Water Bombs”by Twinsy

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