Wearing: Shakuhachi ‘Block It’ dress, Tony Bianco heels, Michael Kors watch, Vintage clutch, necklace from markets.
I love wearing black all year round, but in the middle of summer it is hard to find a perfect black piece that doesn’t require layering for texture and detail to stay cool in. This little black dress has a leather contrast, and such an amazing asymmetrical cut that it has all the detail in one safe piece that doesn’t require bulking up on accessories. A trailing skirt at the back of leather mini front, and a sleeveless shoulder opposing a quaint capped sleeve – One piece with the best of both worlds. Only after the first few snaps of this outfit did I realise it is an unintentional triple black leather threat!
I’m trying to organise my wardrobe to be more winter orientated, as I’ve recently booked my flights back to New York for NYFW. Apart from being nervous about the obvious weather difference in Sydney’s summer and New York’s depths of winter, I am beyond excited to be back in my favourite city and spend some quality time wandering the streets exploring before and after Fashion Week. If you have any advice on shopping (especially vintage and markets), food, sightseeing or anything about New York in general please let me know!
Photos by Nicole Cooper

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