Whenever I’m away travelling I find it hard enough to stay updated with my own blog, let alone my personal favourites. There are so many great blogs these days that when I feel like I’m the last to know, I can trust it will be resolved in a matter of moments of logging in to Bloglovin’ and seeing the list of new posts on my home screen. Personally- my favourite thing about this site is being able to see the diversity of blogs from countries all over the world, that I have travel memories from or wanderlust pangs to take Tuula to. It is truly the only platform that keeps me both in the loop and constantly inspired by getting to know the people, places and content. Bloglovin’ is also available as an app on your iphone- which is where you’ll find my head buried and catching up in airport terminals!
Make sure to follow Tuula, and your other favourite blogs on Bloglovin’!

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