Euro Film

i love using film. i love not actually knowing what i’m doing with any sort of photography, just whinging it and snapping away too happily to care about how it will come across to a proffessional eye… i like the out of focus and imperfect. because then, its so much closer to how that moment really was.
travelling can be quite hard having to carry around cameras, chargers, film rolls etc as well as all my luggage, so i always had my little SLR (nikon d3000 for everyone who has been asking- small and easy to use!), my fisheye lomo, and picked up some disposables along the way. always forgetting to take my film cameras out, it was a very mixed bag of forgotton images that i flip through like a crazy woman when finally developed!
so here is a peek of europe travels, through tuula’s film point of view xo